CEO Academy 2018

Growth Strategies for Global Tech Startups CEMS Skill Seminar at Warsaw School of Economics

What is CEO Academy?

A series of unique seminars on developing effective strategies for businesses operating in the new tech industry. Lectures and workshop are delivered by CEOs and top level executives of fastest growing Polish startups.
Learn from real-life examples how to build a highly profitable global business from scratch and scale it worldwide fast.

In cooperation with Daftcode the programme is conducted by professor Piotr Płoszajski,
Chair of the Management Theory.

Reasons to take part in the CEO Academy

For everyone

  • Opportunity to learn how to build a strategy for digital products
  • Working on real cases and real digital products
  • Certificate
  • 1,5 ECTS point

For the best students

  • Mentorship days with CEOs
  • A chance to join Daftcode Group and get a job offer in business and strategy area

Who can join?

Be sure to join our unique CEO Academy if you’re an ambitious proactive student of Warsaw School of Economics with great management skills and business knowledge.

Members of CEMS Club and other student organizations are welcome, as well as students of 3rd, 4th and 5th year.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn from the best experts in the field and boost your future career! You will find detailed information below.


  • 13 March,
    17:10 - 18:50
    SGH, Building „W” (Wiśniowa 41), room 62
    Building Growth on Global Corporate Market
    Jacek Szlendak, CEO of Perfect Gym
  • 20 March,
    17:10 - 18:50
    SGH, Building „W” (Wiśniowa 41), room 62
    Where to Go Next - Scaling SaaS Product Worldwide
    Stefan Batory, CEO of Booksy
  • 27 March,
    17:10 - 18:50
    SGH, Building „W” (Wiśniowa 41), room 62
    Growth 101: (Re)designing Your Product Offering
    Natalie Pilling, CEO of EL Passion
  • 10 April,
    17:10 - 18:50
    SGH, Building „W” (Wiśniowa 41), room 62
    How to Stand Out in Performance Marketing with an Excelling Product
    Maria Dulnikiewicz, CEO of Performante
  • 17 April,
    17:10 - 18:50
    SGH, Building „W” (Wiśniowa 41), room 62
    Why Would We Invest in Your Business
    Michał Rokosz, Partner at Inovo VC
  • 24 April,
    17:10 - 18:50
    SGH, Building „W” (Wiśniowa 41), room 62
    Pivoting Your Business Model - From Early Failure to Later Success
    Karol Górnowicz, CEO of Skriware
  • 12 May,
    9:00 - 17:30
    Daftcode, Plac Europejski 1
    All day workshop
    Go to Market Strategy for Real-life Digital Product
    Hubert Rachwalski, CEO of Nethone
    Michał Jędraszak, CEO of Straal
    Grzegorz Koblański, CEO of Indoorway
    Karol Górnowicz, CEO of Skriware
  • 12 May,
    18:00 - 20:00
    Charlie Cocktail Bar
    The finale
    Informal Banquet
    Winners' announcement

Who is behind this?

Daftcode is a Polish venture builder – a company that creates its own tech enterprises. From concept stage, onwards and upwards – transforming bold ideas into fast growing products and businesses.

Daftcode also offers digital B2B services, that use Machine Learning and data analysis to help grow and transform businesses, and invests in fast-scaling businesses as a venture capital firm.
Daftcode’s broad portfolio of ventures includes:

VC Investments

Keynote Speakers

  • Hubert Rachwalski
    Hubert Rachwalski
    CEO of Nethone
    Nethone provides AI-powered solutions that help enterprises convert threats and challenges into well-informed, profitable decisions.
  • Jacek Szlendak
    Jacek Szlendak
    CEO of Perfect Gym
    Perfect Gym is the world's fastes growing management software for gym & fitness industry. Present on five continents, serves over 1000 companies
  • Michal Rokosz
    Michal Rokosz
    Partner at Inovo VC
    Inovo is a VC fund which invested millions of PLN and built a wide portfolio of well-known and successful Polish startups.
  • Maria Dulnikiewicz
    Maria Dulnikiewicz
    CEO of Performante
    Performante is a digital marketing agency operating on 150+ markets. Multi-language competences are delivered by 12 nationalities on board.
  • Stefan Batory
    Stefan Batory
    CEO of Booksy
    With over 500K bookings, 200K customers and 12 mln PLN in investments, Booksy is one of the leading app for health & beauty services worldwide.
  • Natalie Pilling
    Natalie Pilling
    CEO of EL Passion
    EL Passion is a product house with more than 200 digital products delivered to customers from all over the world.
  • Karol Górnowicz
    Karol Górnowicz
    CEO of Skriware
    Skriware is a 3D printing company focusing on innovative EdTech solutions. They aim to equip children with STEAM related skills and satisfy their natural curiosities in science.
  • Grzegorz Koblański
    Grzegorz Koblański
    CEO of Indoorway
    Indoorway is a smart building solution for indoor positioning and analysis of traffic within facilities. It has already digitized spaces covering in total about 1 million m².
  • Michał Jędraszak
    Michał Jędraszak
    CEO of Straal
    Straal is an everything-payments one-stop-shop for online and omnichannel merchants.
  • prof. Piotr Płoszajski
    prof. Piotr Płoszajski
    Head of Dept. of Management Theory, SGH
    Member Executive of CEMS CEMS Skill Seminar's Lecture

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